Top Stories from SES Toronto: Day 1

It wasn’t hard to find the top stories from the first day of SES Toronto. All you had to do was conduct a search in YouTube, Google News, and Google Blog Search.

On YouTube, you could find a video interview by Byron Gordon of SEO-PR with the keynote speaker entitled, “Tara Hunt on ‘green’ shampoo and whuffie!” Hunt, the author of The Whuffie Factor, discusses the key principles of Whuffie, or how you go about generating brand for yourself by citing a fictional example of a “green” shampoo.

In Google News, I found “Signals: What Relevancy Indicators are Search Engineers Watching for Today? SES Toronto Day 1.” According to Paul Teitelman of Search Engine People, “Seems befitting that one of the first sessions here at SES Toronto will focus on the future of search, and more specifically, what relevancy factors search engineers will need to look out for as the ever changing Google & other search engine algorithms continue to shape our industry.”

I also found “Submit Your Entries for the 2009 Search Engine Watch Awards” on Search Engine Watch. According to Kevin Newcomb of Search Engine Watch, there are 14 categories for the 2009 SEW Awards. Submissions will be accepted through July 17, 2009. Winners will be announced at SES San Jose in August.

Gordon also uploaded “Nick Cox, Senior Product Manager, SearchMonkey on univeral/blended search” to YouTube. According to Cox, SearchMonkey is currently live in 23 markets; it’s a free platform and publishers are getting much better clickthrough rates.

Using Google Blog Search, I found “SES Toronto 09: SEO Then & Now.” According to Eric Amzallag of NVI, “Here is the what has changed and stayed the same in the SEO world.”

According to “Notes From SES Toronto 2009” on Toronto Mike’s Blog, “I still think they should rename this show the Google Strategies. Yahoo! Canada is exhibiting, as is Microsoft Bing, but it’s all about The Google. Over 80% of all Canadian searches now happen in Google.”

Garry Przyklenk at wrote, “SES Toronto: Day 1 Recap.” He said, “You know: given the current economic crisis, turn out for SES Toronto is actually better than I suspected, and so is the production value.”

Manny Rivas at the aimClear Search Marketing Blog wrote, “Evolution of SEO: A Decade of Perspective At SES.” He said, “The same tactics that worked in 1999 simply won’t cut it anymore.”

Meanwhile, Dev Basu of Search Marketing Insights wrote “SES Toronto 2009 Day 1 Recap.” According to Basu, “My first day at SES Toronto was info packed, networking wild, and quite interesting to say the least.”

And Francis Vallières of wrote, “Résumé SES Toronto 2009 : jour 1 partie 1.” He wrote, “Comme à chaque mois de Juin, NVI visite Toronto pour l’évenement SES Toronto, une conférence réunissant la plupart des acteurs importants dans le domaine du référencement et du marketing de recherche au Canada. Plusieurs conférences ont été donné aujourd’hui sur plusieurs sujets et je vasi tenter de vous en faire un résumé.”

Last but not least, you’ll also find “Jeff Quipp, SearchEnginePeople, on the past, present and future of SEO” on YouTube. Quipp discusses Google’s dominance in Canada, and references a surprising statistic about Google’s monthly keyword search.

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