Facebook to Give Out User Names at Midnight EST Friday Night

You might need to get home early from the clubs on Friday night. At midnight, Facebook begins giving out user names and you’ll want to act fast if you want a popular one or just one that’s related to your name. With 200 million members across the globe, it’s quite likely the one you want will be grabbed up quick.

If you’re brand new to Facebook, meaning you’ve signed up since May 31, you might be out of luck. Those members are being restricted due to Facebook’s desire to quash the squatters who will inevitably be out there to take up all the good names just to do nothing with them (yeah, I’m looking at you, dude with 1,000 domains).

Also, you better really love the name you’ve chosen because once you have it, you can’t change it or transfer it. I sincerely hope they make exceptions for single ladies who eventually get married because we married ladies know what a pain in the you-know-where it is to change our last names. Google still refers to me as my maiden name, despite my name changing efforts. (You know men come up with these rules, right?)

Will you be sitting at your computer with a Red Bull on midnight? Or do you not care (especially since FB profiles are so private)? Let us know in the comments.

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