Unveils Database of 300 Million Q&A Pairs

We’ve known for awhile now that Answers sites are on the rise. It’s the very core of search – finding answers to your questions or problems. Bing, Hunch, and Wolfram Alpha have all recently launched with the goal of providing answers quickly to searchers. is also recognizing the intentions of searchers for answers. According to comScore, searchers type searches in the form of a question on much more than they do other search engines.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that has been incorporating a Q&A database into its search offering. Today at SemTech, a semantic search conference, will announce the milestone of achieving 300 million question and answer pairs in the database. The database was developed with proprietary search semantic technology and aims to serve up the best answer results.

If you’ve ever used an Answers site, you know that searching on them can be tedious. There are redundancies and spam and bad information.’s technology aims to reduce the redundancies and cull through the information to provide the best answers to their searchers.

To access the database, go to and click on the “lots of answers” phrase above the search box. Enter your question and then click the blue “Search” button.


Or – if you’ve already searched your question in the regular results, look for the tabs under the search box in the top left corner and select “Q&A Beta.”


What do you think of’s approach to delivering answers in search? Give us your answer in the comments below.

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