7 Google Updates Including Flash Indexing, Custom Search, and AdSense

Another week, another slew of Google Updates. Chew on these new features while you watch the US Open this weekend:

Google Flash Indexing – The googlebot will now index external content sources used in SWF files.

Google Webmaster CentralReconsideration requests now come with notifications so you’ll know where you’re at in the process.

Custom Search Automatic Transilteration – You can type in one language but see results in another.

Google AdSenseChange the font size for your ad display units.

Google Maps and Transit – 7 new agencies have been added including

  • Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Houston, TX
  • VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, TX
  • Utah Transit Authority, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Metro St. Louis, St Louis, MO
  • Foothill Transit, San Gabriel Valley, CA
  • Riverside Transit, Riverside, CA
  • Charlotte Area Transit System, Charlotte, NC
  • Pinella Suncoast Transit Authority, St. Petersburg, FL

Google Book SearchGot a makeover, including embedded links, book search within each book, thumbnail view, content drop-down menu, plain text mode, page turn button and animation, and an updated book overview page.

A microblogging search engine may be coming soon to Google, according to the unofficial Google Operating System blog. This would compete with Twitter search as well as Facebook’s new search tests.

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