Yahoo! Toolbar Gets an Update and Made Available for Firefox

Yahoo! this week released an update to their browser toolbar. Previously only available for Internet Explorer, the toolbar is now ready for the Firefox browser as well.

Additionally, here are the updates you can expect:

Faster search – utilizes technology from Inquisitor to provide search suggestions, recalls sites from search history, and searching sites like Flickr and Wikipedia directly from the toolbar search box.

Site Preview – works in the IE toolbar. For certain site apps that you can add to the toolbar, displays a preview of the site or info without having to load the site. For example, if you have the movie showtimes app selected for your toolbar, you can click the arrow next the clapboard icon and a preview box will drop down. Other apps that use the preview are Yahoo! Mail and eBay.

Image via Yahoo! Anecdotal blog

What do you think of the new Yahoo! toolbar? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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