YouTube Gives New Look to Channels, Launches Trailers Page, and Sees Mobile Upload Increases

There’s a bunch of news coming from YouTube in the past couple of days. First up, they’re giving channels a makeover. Users can switch their channels over on their own now, but by July 15th all channels will be switched to the new look.

The University of Phoenix has already taken advantage of the new look. Check out their new channel design (click on the image for a larger view or visit the page here.)


The YouTube blog has nearly 50,000 comments on the matter and many of them are a variation of this:


It looks like YouTube may be facing Facebook’s problems when it comes to changing things up. No sign yet from YouTube that they’ll go back to the old channels.

Next up in YouTube news has launched a page for movie trailers.


I finally got a chance to see the trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife, which opens in August:

Last but absolutely not least, YouTube is seeing an increase in mobile uploads of videos. In the past six months, mobile uploads have increased by 1700%. Since just last Friday, the day of the iPhone 3G S release – the first iPhone with video, mobile uploads have increased by a whopping 400%.

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