YouTube Biz Blog Touts Social Media and Video Strategies Forum

How cool is this? On Monday, I posted “Social Media & Video Strategies To Be Held With SES San Jose:. It broke the news that ClickZ, YouTube and Google will be holding an event on August 11, 2009, in conjunction with SES San Jose 2009.

Then on Tuesday, the YouTube Biz Blog posted “Join Us at the SES Social Media & Video Strategies Forum.” Kristin Kovner, the Industry Marketing Manager at YouTube, said, “We’re excited to be a part of this first-time ever event. SES is one of the best places for businesses to learn about search; now that YouTube has millions of searches each day, it’s only fitting that ClickZ and SES are expanding the agenda to include a full day dedicated to video and social media.”

Just as importantly, the YouTube Biz Blog embedded the featured video on the SESConferenceExpo’s Channel on YouTube. Views of the video, which was uploaded four months ago, shot up immediately. You can see the video for youself below.

Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo

This illustrates the link between search and social media that I mentioned on Monday and Mike Grehan writes about in his cover story in the latest issue of SES Magazine.

Additional evidence can be found in research conducted by TubeMogul entitled “How do people discover videos online?” Here’s the gist of what they found:

— 45% of all videos are found on a video site, i.e. going to YouTube and doing a search or clicking around featured and related videos.
— 44% of all videos are found embedded in blogs.
— 6% of all videos are found with search engines, like Google.
— 2% of all videos are found in social networks, like Facebook.
— 2% of all videos found in social bookmarking sites.
— Less than 1% of all videos are found with video search engines, like Google Video.

So, optimizating the title, description and tags of your YouTube video is half of the success formula. But the other half is engaging what Google calls “the buzzing blogger community.”

I mentioned this a year ago at SES San Jose 2008 during a video interview with Liana Evans, who was then with KeyRelevance and is now with Serengeti Communications. Looking at it again a year later, I wouldn’t change a word. (And I can’t anyway.)

VSEO – Video Search Engine Optimization – with Greg Jarboe at SES San Jose 2008

So, stay tuned. Because this year’s events — as you can see in the SES San Jose 2009 agenda and the Social Media and Video Strategies agenda — are likely to demonstrate the link between search and social big time.

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