SES San Jose Offers Sessions for Veteran Search Engine Marketers

Last week, I said “SES San Jose Offers Conference Sessions for First Time Attendees.” This year’s Search Engine Strategies conference offers lots of sessions for veteran search engine marketers, too.

SES San Jose 2009 can cover both ends of the spectrum because it has five concurrent tracks. So, whether this will be your first show or the fourth SES event that you’ve attended in 2009, you’ll find tons of new content worth learning.

For example, sessions oriented toward advanced marketers include:
Search: Where to Next sums up what the future holds for the search industry with a veteran panel of industry insiders.
The Next Wave for Online Video presents the importance of optimizing for video search and looks into tactics for copywriting, keyword research and more.
Don’t Call it a Comeback: Semantic Technology and Search focuses on the reality of true semantic technology and the recent application of the “Web 3.0” tag.
Beyond Googling: Where Will Your Customers Be Searching in Five Years? presents a long-view look at weak signals and trends that appear to point in new directions.
Launching a Global Website presents key issues critical to successfully developing, optimizing, and launching the global websites that meet next generation marketing goals.
Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues explores the potential problems and pitfalls of running mirror sites and offers solutions.
Landing Page Testing and Tuning discusses how to twist and tweak your landing page to covert site visitors into buyers.
Real World Multivariate Testing helps attendees understand how landing page optimization, through multivariate testing, can quickly affect the success of any online acquisition campaign, and how simple changes to a landing pages can dramatically increase online sales.
Ads in a Quality Score World looks at quality factors and studies how to increase the perceived relevancy of your campaigns.
Follow the Carrot: Cool Mobile Apps examines the effect of mobile applications, their usefulness from a business point of view, and where they may be going in the future.
Images & Search Engines: Getting the Full Picture explores image searching along with image-links, geo tags and other considerations for capturing targeted traffic.
Search Becomes the Display OS includes a discussion and case studies focusing on the idea that the only thing that can save display advertising is making it more like search.

Lee Odden and Greg Jarboe at SES San Jose 2008 serious.jpg Although I should disclose that SES is a client, I’m not the only one who thinks that there is lots of sessions for veteran search engine marketers at SES conferences. For example, Lee Odden, an SES Advisory Board member and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, says, “Search Engine Strategies in San Jose is the epicenter of what’s current and useful in the search marketing industry when it comes to advancing internet marketing knowledge. I’ve attended SES events for years as a delegate, speaker, moderator, and now as an Advisory Board Member. That continued investment for me and my agency staff has resulted in bottom line growth of our digital marketing consulting business by staying current with search strategies and tactics, attracting new clients and talented staff. We’ve gained tremendous value from SES San Jose as a source of content for our top rated blog and of course, priceless networking with search engine employees, vendors and other smart internet marketers.”

And earlier in the year, Odden did an escalator pitch — which is like an elevator pitch, only faster — at SES New York. Check out what he had to say at SESConferenceExpo’s Channel on YouTube or by watching the video below.

Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, on the benefits of attending SES New York 2009

Okay, so Odden was talking about SES New York in his escalator pitch, but he could have said the same things about SES San Jose.

For more information about the largest search engine marketing conference and expo on the West Coast, go to the SES San Jose 2009 website. Register through July 24 to save up to $200 with the early bird rate.

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