Facebook Boasts 250 Million Members Worldwide

Facebook just keeps growing and growing and growing…. They’ve reached the milestone of 250 million members. That’s a global number, but it’s still very impressive – even more so considering it took just a year to double their numbers.

I was thinking just yesterday about Google Connect versus Facebook Connect and how the latter probably makes more sense. A greater percentage of my friends use Facebook than either Google or Twitter (Google Connect supports Twitter). So many of my friends use non-GMail emails such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or their work account.

With Facebook continuing to grow at skyrocketing numbers, it’s funny that they feel the need to compete with Twitter. But it’s also a smart thing, doing things like experimenting with search for the live feed. Staying ahead of the game is something that has failed other social networks (er, hmmm, MySpace, cough cough, Friendster). But it looks like for now, Facebook is steady as she goes.

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