BingTweets – integrated twitter search

Microsoft is upping the ante in Twitter search with its new (though still in BETA mode) BingTweets. In cooperation with Federated Media and Twitter, this new Twitter search tool is supposed to herald the beginnings of an integrated Twitter search. Bing’s search results are at the center of the site, while a real-time Twitter feed appears in a sidebar on the left. I tried using it but quickly found it limited in scope. When you try searching via bing, the Twitter feed is not updating to reflect the new Bing search you just implemented. Instead, the Twitter feed is updating and featuring the latest tweets on the trendiest twitter topics (in a column up at the top of the page).


But wouldn’t it be nice if Bing’s search engine tapped directly into Twitter’s search engine and gave you real-time Tweets on your specific search request. Too much to ask for at this stage, I guess.

Nevertheless, Microsoft’s foray into Twitter search reflects heavily upon the need for, in the words of Gord Hotchkiss, CEO of Enquiro, a need for an “arms race” in search. And if you want to hear more about what Gord has to say on the topic, have a listen to this interview I conducted with him:

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