Hunch Adds Shortcuts to Help Users Navigate Topics

Hunch, the decision engine that launched just after that *other* decision engine, has already added an update to their site. They’ve added “shortcut topics,” which aid in navigation.

If you haven’t visited Hunch yet, then you need to know that the site serves up a decision by asking you a bunch of questions. Say, for example, you’re trying to decide what type of coffee you want to buy. You type in “coffee” to the search box. A list of suggested questions and topics comes up:


As you can tell, if you already know you want to buy organic, you can select the question with “>Organic” in order to skip ahead to that narrowed-down category.

Then you can embark on a series of questions to help Hunch find the right answer for you. Here’s the first question:


Conducting a number of searches, I came across few shortcuts. However, there may obviously be more in subject areas I personally am not interested in. The other factor is that Hunch is based on community contributions. So, substantive topics depend upon the users submitting content.

What do you think about Hunch’s shortcuts? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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