Thousands Turn Out for NACA’s Save the Dream Event in Cleveland

Back on July 3, I posted “Search and Community Track at SES San Jose: NACA’s Save The Dream Tour.” The story resonated with many of the readers of this Search Marketing News Blog, because it generated 75 tweets over the following 24 hours.

Save the Dream Tour.jpg Well, I want to update you on the story as it unfolds. As Jeff Maynor of WKYC-TV, Channel 3 in Cleveland, reports, thousands turned out for NACA’s Save the Dream event.

Accordiing to Maynor, “Everywhere you looked in the arena at the CSU Wolstein Center downtown, there were cheers. And there were tears. People facing foreclosure on their homes learned that their mortgages were being modified to something they can afford, and they will not lose their homes.”

Check out his news video, which is embedded below.

Cleveland: Thousands turn out for NACA ‘Save the Dream’ event

So, yes, I plan to feature this case study in my solo presentation at SES San Jose 2009, “How to Optimize for Search & Engage the Community.” But, the story doesn’t end in Cleveland.

If you go to the NACA home page, which has been updated to make it easier to find information about the nationwide Save the Dream Tour, you’ll see there will be more Save the Dream events in Chicago, IL, July 24 – 27, at McCormick Place; St. Louis, MO, July 31 – Aug 3, at Chaifetz Arena; and Atlanta, GA, Aug 7 – 10, at the World Congress Center. And NACA is still working on locations and dates for Save the Dream events in nine more cities around the country.

And there are lessons here for attendees of SES San Jose 2009 as well as attendees of the Social Media & Video Strategies Forum and Local Search Summit:09.

The biggest lesson is that NACA didn’t rely on just SEO, or video, or press release optimization, or blog outreach to generate these kind of results. They used a combination of marketing tactics — in what can be called “an integrated marketing strategy.”

Search engine marketers, YouTube directors and entrepreneurs have always demonstrated a talent for out-of-the-box thinking. Well, the top out-of-the-box thinkers may be speaking at one of the other three events being held in San Jose August 10-14, 2009. It won’t hurt to look beyond the McEnery Convention Center to check out what’s being presented at the San Jose Marriott.

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