All Work and No Play at SES San Jose? Not!

I know, I know, I’ve been focused on what you will learn by attending SES San Jose 2009 from August 10-14, the Social Media & Video Strategies Forum on August 11, and/or the Local Search Summit:09 on August 13. You’d think that I was some kind of Puritan from New England!

SearchBash at SES San Jose 2008.jpg Well, there will be a number of special events, too. For those who want to be certified in search marketing, there’s a Live Certification Gauntlet on Tuesday, August 11 at 4:30 p.m. And for those who believe (correctly) that all work and no play make Homer something, something, there’s WebmasterRadio.FM’s SearchBash on August 11 at 8:30 p.m.

WebmasterRadio.FM will be throwing its largest, wildest and most dazzling SearchBash ever! At least, that’s what I’ve been told. Even if this turns out to be hype, SearchBash San Jose’09 will be the premier party event of Search Engine Strategies San Jose — at least on Tuesday night. But, hey, it’s all inclusive and always fun.

Now, for those first time SES attendees who want a preview of SearchBash, click on the link above and check out the photos from other events around the country. Or, play the video below — which doesn’t show people at SearchBash, but it does capture the Zeitgeist of WebmasterRadio.FM’s event at SES New York earlier this year.

The SearchBash 2008 Jim Hedger of Webmaster Radio

And if you don’t get enough networking done at SearchBash, then check out the hottest networking party for internet marketers on Wednesday, August 12: The IM Charity Party at SES SJ, which gets underway at 6 p.m. Most of the conference speakers and top internet marketers will be there and all the money raised goes to charity! So, make business connections, have fun, and help save the life of a sick child.

And if you look a little beat up when you get back to work, just tell your boss that it happened while you were running the Live Certification Gauntlet.

Get it? Got it? Good!

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