Finally Google Competitors Realizing Content Is Way To Go

Both Microsoft and AOL have laid out plans to concentrate on building their content channels. Yahoo should be joining suit.

Google is now the most visited site on the web, according to Alexa, a spot Yahoo maintained for years. Interestingly, Yahoo has more hot pages over at Alexa. When I looked a little while ago it was a sports page and news page. If Yahoo concentrated on their content as CEO Carol Bartz has mentioned previously and their new redesign is supposed to address, they may be joining Microsoft and AOL.

Microsoft is building out five verticals, yje Wall Street Journal reported. “In a new focus that will start to be apparent in the next month, MSN will heavily add to its News, Sports, Finance, Lifestyle and Entertainment offerings, weaving more data from Bing into the mix,” Kara Swisher noted.

Meanwhile, AOL is going for complete domination and this Friday will “unveil the early stages of a plan to become the internet’s largest provider of original content within two years,” the Financial Times stated.

If anyone is going to find a way to challenge the dominance of Google it seems content is the best approach.

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