New LookSmart Tool Automatically Optimizes Best-Converting Ads

LookSmart is releasing a new tool that automatically serves up the best converting ad in a campaign group. Think of it as landing page testing, except for search ads. The tool is dubbed SmartRotation and bases the optimization on a conversion tracking script that informs ad rotation. The conversions could be based on sales, sign-ups, downloads, registrations or the like, depending on advertiser goals.

The idea behind the tool is to increase conversions by serving up the best performing ad.

“€œIt doesn’€™t matter how many clicks you have if it doesn’€™t convert,”€ said Michael Schoen, Vice President and General Manager of Advertising Platforms at LookSmart.

Schoen says the industry has had the feature that SmartRotation uses for awhile now, but they’re the first to take put the peanut butter with the jelly.

“€œWhile other platforms only offer even ad rotation or optimization by click-through rate (CTR), LookSmart’€™s SmartRotation analyzes conversion rates and serves the best-converting ad creative, giving advertisers a better rate of return on their search investment.”€

What do you think of LookSmart’s new tool? Will you try SmartRotation? Let us know in the comments below!

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