YouTube, Sony, and Chris Brown Make Money Off ‘JK Wedding Entrance’ Video

A bright young couple decided to have a non-traditional beginning to their St. Paul wedding. The entire wedding party, bride and groom included, danced down the aisle of a church to “Forever” by beleaguered R&B singer Chris Brown. They put the video up on YouTube and it currently has received over 12 million views.

While watching the video, links pop up allowing users to buy the song from Amazon or iTunes. Many have done just that.

Google took to their Official Blog to tout this YouTube is touting this as proof YouTube does can indeed make money. Amazon and Apple are benefiting from links guiding people to buy the song. Sony and Chris Brown are making money from song purchases as well.

Everyone is making money except the couple. None of the above companies would have made this money without their content.

Anyone else see something wrong here?

Ironically, many times videos with unauthorized use of music simply get taken down here. I guess it’s a good thing for the companies monetarily that this was allowed to stay up.

Hopefully the next step in the evolution of their education is to let content makers profit from their creations as well. After all, this entire money-making situation is nothing without it.

But that’s just my opinion? What’s yours? Share it below in the comments section.

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