Google Removes Beta Label from New AdWords Interface

Recently, Google removed the “beta” label from a bunch of apps, including GMail. Now they’re at it again. The new AdWords interface is the latest to say goodbye to beta.

If you haven’t made the upgrade, you’ll eventually be required to. But you can do so now, and here’s what to expect when you do:

  • Performance graphs: Quickly recognize trends in your account performance via custom graphs on every page
  • Roll-up tabs: Identify top priorities by viewing and editing all keywords, placements or ads in an account on a single tab
  • In-line editing: Make faster adjustments with single-click editing that doesn’t require loading a separate page
  • Networks tab: Improve performance on the content network by looking at site-level statistics and making changes directly from your reports
  • Filters: View only the keywords, ads or other parts of your account that meet or miss the performance thresholds you specify
  • Spreadsheet editing: Make efficient bulk edits to keyword lists by using spreadsheets directly in your account
  • Location extensions: Make ads locally relevant by including business addresses with your ads
  • Custom alerts: Flag real-time changes in key metrics to stay on top of trends in your performance and quickly take corrective action

Search marketers are already seeing improvements in their paid search efforts as a result of the new interface.

“The new AdWords interface has given us huge gains in efficiency,” said
Alex Mann, CEO, ClickTime. “We’re spending less time navigating the
system and more time making good decisions.”

What do you think about the new interface? Let us know in the comments section below.

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