Can You Afford Not To Attend Search Engine Strategies San Jose?

Search Engine Strategies San Jose is less than a week away. As if the Micro-Hoo! search deal and what it means for you wasn’t enough to get you to show up at the conference let me offer you some other key sessions that will prove to be invaluable in our current economic environment.

I had the pleasure of seeing Clay Shirky present at another conference recently and all I could say was WOW! He will leave the audience buzzing after his keynote.

Right after the keynote, I’ll be presenting Always be Testing: Marketing Optimization in Challenging Times. Many organizations have limited the amount of testing and continuous improvement efforts in this poor economy, but it is a HUGE mistake. Let me ask you, 50 years ago if you had the chance to invest in General Motors or Toyota who would you have picked. Guess which one bet their business based on continuous improvement.

I am thrilled to see that the SES community is putting their skills to good use; don’t miss the vitally important session – SEO for the Greater Good: Using Search to Find Missing Persons.

We all know how important it is to have web analytics today, but the challenge for many remains on how to monetize the data collected in those reports. Join me and my good friends, Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist for Google and Jim Sterne, who co-founded the Web Analytics Association, as we teach you How to Turn Your Web Analytics into a Money Making Machine. If you happen to be coming along with a colleague make sure you attend this session, while you send them to Integration: The New CMO Imperative. This session will look at how to leverage your content and brand effectively through the use of social media.

While many of the sessions focus on what you need to do to improve your results today, you won’t want to miss Beyond Googling: Where Will Your Customers Be Searching in Five Years? With the growing popularity of the iPhone and other rich mobile experiences this will become a growing concern for every business.

Tuesday will end with my buddy and former client Ethan Giffin, CEO of GrooveCommerce and I doing our Extreme Makeover: Conversion Edition. Be there when we unveil the sites that were selected as we break down, how we find the challenges they are experiencing, what we would recommend to fix them and redesign the page so that they are ready to get better results.

On Wednesday, you’ll have to make some tough choices. I am a big fan of helping small to medium size businesses get great results. If you are an SMB you won’t want to miss Small Voices, Big Impact: Social Media for the Little Guy and Turning Simple Change Into Big Profit. Find out how small companies with even smaller budgets can freely tap the world of social media and make easy changes to improve business and increase sales.

I have the privilege to co-introduce Nicholas Fox, Business Product Management Director, AdWords, Google, for his keynote. Joining me in introducing Nick will be fellow Search Engine Strategies Advisory Board member Brett Crosby, also of Google.

If you are in the B2B space you must attend The BuyerSphere Project: Understanding B2B Buyer Patterns. You’ll leave understanding how the traditional B2B buyers funnel is dead and buried and how to rethink your prospects journey.

The valuable sessions keep going all the way to the very last session of the conference, Extreme Makeover Live! Why Am I Not Making Enough Sales?. Join my colleague and analyst Brendan Regan and Darrell Benatar, Co-founder of as they do a live clinic with website chosen from members of the audience. It’s a shame visitors won’t be able to see videos of users testing the websites with chosen during the session like you can see someone did for the Search Engine Strategies website here In case you were wondering, the great folks at SES are already at work coming up with some solutions based on the wonderful advice.

My only question will you be coming along to Search Engine Strategies San Joseto get some of that great advice and then making the changes necessary to improve your business and increase sales?

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