Dig Deeper Into Airfares with Bing’s Flexible Travel Search Tools

When you’re planning to fly, finding the best price is usually a priority. Being flexible with your travel dates or airports can usually help in securing a lower price. Bing has some pretty cool travel search tools to help you get a great deal.

When you visit Bing.com/travel, scroll down to the “plan trips” section.


As you can see, there are two options. Search by date and search by multiple cities. You can switch between them after you conduct a search.

Let’s start with searching by date. Choose two cities and click go. The results page brings up a graph marking prices for the next 30 days.


Use the sidebar to the left to add a nearby airport to compare fares.


Look above the graph and you’ll see tabs for additional search options. The “grid – length of travel” option charts out fares for various departure days and trip lengths.


Click on a box and get details on the fare:


The other tab is the “map – where to travel” tab. This is perfect if you want to get away but you’re not sure where. Simply add cities (on the sidebar) that you’re considering and they’ll show up on the map.


Currently, these tools only include select US cities. There is a link to vote for additional cities, but vote or no vote, let’s hope Bing adds more cities, including international ones, soon.

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