My Cheese Just Moved

I’ve been referred to as an agent of change quite a number of times in my professional career. Not just since I moved into online marketing, but long before, when I worked in broadcast media. Much as broadcast was a very fast-moving medium, it never seemed to change direction much. You had to wait for major innovation such as cable and satellite and digital to see real change being effected.

mike_grehan.jpgI came online with my first internet consultancy business way back in 1995. It suited me well, although it was way ahead of its time, because, taking clients online involved a huge amount of change. Change in technology, change in culture, change in relationships.

Some people easily accept change and some people simply don’t want to. If you’ve read the book “Who Moved My Cheese” (where the headline to this blog post is taken from) you’ll know exactly what I mean.

So, having been responsible for helping to effect change with my clients for almost fifteen years online and ten off, it’s time for my own big change. And that’s why, seemingly out of the blue, you find me making my first of many posts to come here at Search Engine Watch.

I’m extraordinarily proud to be making a major move from the agency world to the world of publishing and events by joining Incisive Media’s interactive division.

I’ve long been associated with its three online-powerhouse brands, Search Engine Watch, ClickZ and the global conference and expo series Search Engine Strategies. As a long-standing contributor as both writer and speaker, I’m delighted to have been offered an executive position working with this hugely talented team.

And the timing is perfect. As I gaze into my crystal ball I see change, change, change in the online marketing world. No more so than in the field of search marketing. As one surge of technology that got the industry off the ground gives way to the next, change is inevitable. It is perhaps the most exciting period in search to date.

And as the industry changes, we’ll change with it, covering new developments in business and technology. As will ClickZ and Search Engine Strategies. We’ll look different with a new coat of paint, start to sound different, and strengthen our thought leadership in the industry.

But wait… Before I hear the gnashing of teeth from those who don’t feel comfortable with change and like things just the way they are, nothing’s going to happen overnight. This is subtle and gradual change, so all your usual goodies and faves are going to be exactly where you expect them to be.

But as I work with my colleagues Matt McGowan, Stewart Quealy, Anna Maria Virzi and Kevin Newcomb (names most readers and conference goers will be familiar with), we’ll be spearheading new initiatives and developing the most timely and relevant content as the industry races ahead.

And for me, it’s a feet-first exercise as I jump on board just as the largest search marketing extravaganza on the planet is about to begin. This annual San Jose event is the biggest and brightest of its kind on the West Coast, and is always a highlight in the marketing conference calendar.

As literally thousands of industry folk converge under the glorious California sunshine, we’ll be presenting the usual vast array of tracks, sessions, speakers and topics. If it’s happening in search, you can bet we’ll be talking about it next week.

And I, for one, will surely be talking to as many people as I can. Search Engine Watch is the granddaddy of SEO/SEM newsletter/blogs, Search Engine Strategies is the longest running event of its kind,and ClickZ is royalty in the online marketing space. So what would you like to see change, or hang dearly to your bosom and never let go for that matter?

I’m pumped up and raring to go. And totally thrilled to be part of future new developments with the Incisive Interactive crew.

SES next week – be there!

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