Delicious Founder Regrets Yahoo! Sale, Launches Twitter Tool

Ben Parr over at Mashable dugg up the news (no pun intended) on Delicious founder Joshua Schachter regretting ever selling Delicious to Yahoo! He said:

I wish I had not sold it to them. The cash and freedom do not even come close; I would rather work on a big, popular product.

With all due respect to Schachter, who by the way now works at Google, even if he never sold Delicious to Yahoo!, there’s no guarantee the social bookmarking site would have grown to be anything more than it has become.

Let’s face it. No social bookmarking site has really be able to truly take on Digg in a significant way. The sale of Delicious to Yahoo! was fairly appropriate because Delicious is to Digg like Yahoo! is was to Google.

Plus, saying you’d rather work on a big, popular product sounds like the thousands who move to Hollywood to work in show business. Many of them do not care about the craft of acting or music, they just want to be famous. The tabloids are full of evidence that it’s a hollow way to live. But, I’ll give Schachter props for at least admitting that it’s not all about the cash and “freedom.”

Despite working at Google, I guess the “big, popular tool” Schachter really wants to work on is Twitter, yes, something someone else created. TechCrunch reports that Schachter has released a Twitter conversation thread tool.

It’s only slightly ironic since Schachter tweeted that he hates Delicious’s new Twitter integration.

Some people are just hard to please.

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