Josh Groban Fans & Grobanites Finding Clay Shirky Video Interview at SES San Jose

Truth is stranger than fiction. Yesterday, Clay Shirky gave the keynote speech at SES San Jose 2009. In his keynote, he discussed the Grobanites for Charity, which works with Josh Groban fans and the Josh Groban Foundation to raise money and support underfunded charities.

If you don’t know who Josh Groban is, ask your daughter or mother. He is a Grammy-nominated U.S. singer-songwriter.

Clay Shirky at SES San Jose 2009.jpg The video interview with Shirky was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

The Deon Designs blog embedded the video in a post entitled, “Clay Shirky discusses the shift in user behavior in a Web 2.0 World at SES San Jose 2009.”

This triggered a large number of tweets — and 28% of the views the video has received so far have come from Twitter.

Another one of the external links to the video is from the Josh Groban Official Message Board.

Oh, and the first comment on the video came from freim93, who said, “Very cool shout out to the Grobanites!!!!” The second comment came from Rocker742, who says, “Yeah!!! Grobanites for Charity rocks!”

And 16% of the views of the video can from YouTube Search. And the top search term is “Josh Groban.” The second term is “SES San Jose.”

So, Shirky is an adjunct professor at New York University in the graduate interactive telecommunications program, where he teaches courses on the interrelationships of social and technological networks, particularly how they shape culture and vice versa.

But, this video interview with him could be just another example for his course. Check it out. This is the link between search and social that everyone has been talking about.

Clay Shirky discusses the shift in user behavior in a Web 2.0 World at SES San Jose 2009

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