Study Shows ROI Improvements in Bing Over Live Search

Organic, Inc. has released the results of an ROI study of Bing. The study was conducted using Organic’s proprietary analytics models: Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and Spend Plan Optimization Tool (SPOT).

The study compared Bing’s performance to Live Seaerch’s over a two week period. A 23% lift in ROI was found.

“Just to give you perspective, we get excited about a 5 percent lift in ROI on any given search initiative,” said Steve Kerho, SVP of Media, Analytics, and Marketing Optimization, Organic. “A 23 percent lift in ROI translates to millions of dollars a month in returned marketing value.”

Organic says that Bing’s user interface is likely responsible for the lift. While a two-week study is hardly conclusive and comScore data shows little market share increase for Bing, this study shows that Bing could in fact be more valuable to marketers and searchers even if/when no market share is gained.

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