SES San Jose 2009 Attendees Give Conference & Expo High Marks

SES San Jose 2009 ended last week, but attendees are still talking about the conference and expo. And they’re giving the event high marks.

Extreme Makeover Clinic at SES San Jose 2009.jpg You can get a sense of that by looking at the photos in the SESConferenceSeries’ photostream on Flickr. For example, hundreds of marketers attended the Extreme Makeover: Live Site Clinic on Thursday, August 14, 2009. It was moderated by Elisabeth Osmeloski, Director of Online Media at Advertures in Search, and speakers included Matt Cutts, the Software Engineer Guru at Google, Tiffany Lane, Search Quality Team at Google, and Greg Boser, President of WebGuerrilla LLC at the session.

You can also get a sense of the quality of the conference content by watching the YouTube videos below that feature attendees of SES San Jose 2009. Each was handed them the microphone and asked what they thought of the event.

Greg Alexander, The Net Impact, on attending SES San Jose ’09

Aditi Jasra of Web Analytics World describes attending SES San Jose ’09

Ryan Guerra shares his experience attending SES San Jose 2009

Tiffany Phan, CEO Training, describes her experience at SES San Jose 2009

Michael Balistreri, iMOS, describes his first experience at SES San Jose 2009

Lauren Balistreri, iMOS, on attending SES San Jose 2009

Patricia Santos Fontes, and Ines Goncalves, Google on being at SES San Jose 2009

Now, if you’ve just received the email from Jackie Ortez asking you to fill out the SES San Jose Survey, please take the time to respond. The organizers of the conference use the feedback from attendees to get a better perspective on the event. As Jackie says in her email, “Your opinion is highly valuable to helping us continue to improve the SES conferences.”

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen speakers and whole sessions dropped because attendees didn’t give them high marks. So, treat the SES San Jose Survey seriously — because the results are really, really taken seriously.

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