People Still Talking About Charlene Li Keynote at SES San Jose 2009

Almost a week later, people are still talking about the Charlene Li keynote at SES San Jose 2009. It was entitled, “How to prepare for the future of search.”

If you weren’t there, it’s difficult to give you a flavor of the discussions that were triggered by Li’s comments. But we tried something different and interviewed some of the conference attendees immediately after the keynote — along with interviewing Li, the co-author of Groundswell, to get her to expand on some of her remarks.

Below is a video that has just be uploaded to SESConferenceExpo’s Channel on YouTube. Hopefully, this will enable to get an idea of why SES keynotes aren’t always lectures by a sage on the stage. They can also be round-table discussions moderated by a guide on the side.

Marketing is going through a similar change. As Li says, companies must create relationships with users of the social media space in order to foster more trust and authenticity. And Pattie Simone of and Lisa Buyer of The Buyer Group discuss what this means to them and their clients.

Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell, and the future of search at SES San Jose 2009

The impact of social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter on the future of search will be profound. But it’s hard to predict. That’s what makes this a discussion that extends beyond a specific conference held on any given week.

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