Nicholas Fox of Google AdWords Invites You To Shape Future of Search Advertising

Nicholas Fox, the Business Product Management Director of AdWords at Google, gave one of the three keynote speeches at SES San Jose 2009. Yes, yes, he provided a glimpse of where he saw search advertising headed in the near future. And that included finding what you were looking for without using keywords, richer media formats, and cost-per-acquisition.

Nicholas Fox at SES San Jose 2009.jpg All these were headline grabbers. And you can see the media response by reading:

Paul Krill article in the San Francisco Chronicle, “Google exec provides glimpse into future of search-based advertising.”

David Needle’s article in Internet News, “Google Looks Beyond Keywords.”

Rebecca Lieb’s article in ClickZ, “Keywords Out, Networks In.”

But I think there was another big story hidden beneath the headlines. Fox also invited attendees to help Google shape the future of search advertising. And he provided a URL (, which will redirect users to a Google forum where they can provide feedback on the future of search advertising as they see it.

If Google gets more friendly with search engine marketers, then Microsoft will have a much tougher time taking more market share. This is a significant development.

Following his keynote, I interviewed Fox about what he had said in his keynote about keywords, richer media formats, and cost per acquisition. More importantly, we talked about his invitation to attendees to help shape the future of search advertising.

Nicholas Fox, Google, on future of search advertising at SES San Jose 2009

As of this morning, there were more than a dozen messages in the SES Keynote Feedback Forum, including ones by Mona Elesseily and Andrew Goodman of Page Zero Media and Joe Cibula of InverSearch. Check it out.

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