Wolfram|Alpha Hard at Work Three Months After Launch

It’s been three months since Wolfram|Alpha launched as a search engine for structured data. But they haven’t just sat back and hoped WA took off. No, they’ve been hard at work attempting to improve upon their search offering.

Most of the work has centered around two things:

  • Things that searchers want that Wolfram|Alpha doesn’t know yet
  • Questions that Wolfram|Alpha doesn’t understand (aka linguistics)

While this presents challenges, founder Stephen Wolfram sees the glass as half full.

“The good news is that there’s been very little that’s come through that wasn’t already somewhere on our to-do lists. They’re long lists. But we can now be confident that they’re good lists,” Wolfram wrote on the official WA blog.

And they’re already checking things off those lists. They’re understanding the linquistics problem better and have reduced the “fall-through rate” of misunderstood queries by 10%.

Here’s what else the WA team has been up to – all of this since launch:

  • Codebase has grown by a staggering 52%–adding well over 2 million lines of Mathematica code.
  • Classified 54,233 of feedbacks as bugs or suggestions. Of these, 31,006 are now in the implementation queue, consolidated to about 5800 to-do items.
  • 3,907 people who have submitted bugs have been told they’ve been fixed.
  • To-do list has grown from 250 per week to 600 per week.

What do you think of Wolfram|Alpha’s progress? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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