LookSmart Launches Optimal Pricing PPC Model

LookSmart has introduced a new pay-per-click pricing method they’ve dubbed Optimal Pricing. The model prices according to traffic type, quality, and volume based on aggregate keyword search traffic on the LookSmart Advertiser Network.

“LookSmart is focused on delivering search advertisers the most effective advertiser networks and services for reaching customers outside of the big three search engines; building Optimal Pricing into the AdCenter platform is a major advancement to that end,” said Ted West, CEO and President of LookSmart. “Optimal Pricing is consistent with our longstanding track-record of innovation and improved search advertiser performance.”

Optimal Pricing also uses advertiser campaign objectives and network structure to give each advertiser an opportunity to bid on the most valuable traffic at all price points. The goal is to provide a better cost-per-conversion for their customers.

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