Swiss Official Calls for Google Street View to Be Shut Down

Hanspeter Thür, Switzerland’s federal data protection commissioner, is not remaining neutral on the issue of Google Street View, according to the New York Times. Thür wants Street View to shut down because he says that faces and license plates haven’t adequately been blurred out.

Google says that it would not shut down Street View, instead going the "meet with the public official" privately route, which is basically their M.O.

This is just the latest in many complaints Google has received over Street View, which uses vehicles to roam locations and take images. In March, we learned that Google was complying with takedown requests in the UK by blacking out images.

Google is also working with the EU over how long they should be able to keep the unblurred copies of the images they take.

Google won a lawsuit brought by a Pittsburgh couple who claimed their house was devalued as a result of Street View.

Meanwhile, US military bases are a different story. The Pentagon put the kibosh on imaging bases for what I hope would be obvious security reasons.

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