Facebook to Update Privacy Practices in Response to Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Facebook has been working with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to come up with solutions to concerns that the office has. The updates will take up to 12 months to implement and involve three types of adjustments.

New Notifications

Facebook will work to encourage users to review their privacy settings. The goal is to help members make sure that they’re aware of the default settings and to change the settings to reflect their own preferences.

Additions to Facebook’s Privacy Policy

Facebook’s Privacy Policy will be updated to provide descriptions of a number of privacy practices. Included will be reasons for date of birth data collection, account memorialization for deceased users, the difference between deactivation and deletion and how Facebook’s advertising programs work.

These updates will be subject to a notice and comment period by Facebook members.

Technical changes for third-party data collection

A new permissions model will require third-party applications to inform users about which types of information they want to access. It will also require third parties to get consent before data is shared. Users will have to approve access to their friends’ information. However, friend data would still be protected by their individual privacy settings.

What do you think of Facebook’s plans for privacy updates? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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