Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, and the Power of Social Media

As I mentioned earlier today, lots of sessions at SES San Jose 2009 and the Social Media & Video Strategies Forum focused on the link between search and social media. In fact, the co-location of the two events was as good an indication as any that the two topics were of interest to many of the same people.

SES San Jose 2009.jpg While many of those sessions were held at the McEnery Convention Center, others were held next door at the San Jose Marriott. One of these sessions was entitled, “In the Now: Conversational & Real Time Marketing.”

With the advent of Twitter, micro-blogging, and mobile video, the publishing model has been turned on its head. How can marketers take advantage of these new tools? This session at the Social Media & Video Strategies Forum discussed topics ranging from social media’s role in the Iranian elections to Ashton Kutcher.

Following the session, Lee Odden, a member of the SES Advisory Board and the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, interviewed Richard Jalichandra, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Technorati, who was one of the panelists.

Jalichandra cited the example of Kutcher and his Twitter base of more than 2 million followers. He said companies want to develop their brands in the social media space, but they can’t always get the reach or scale of a successful viral campaign.

Jalichandra added that as a social media ad network, Technorati encourages companies to place their brands beside the conversation and mix it with a viral component which should help build a successful social media campaign.

Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, and the power of social media at SES San Jose 2009

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