Google AdWords Expands Opportunities Tab Beta Test

Back in July, Google AdWords began testing an “Opportunities Tab,” designed to help advertisers find more cost-effective traffic for their campaigns. Now, the test is being expanded.

The expansion includes additional U.S. advertisers and also begins to bring in advertisers from the U.K. and Australia. The Opportunities Tab gives a quick overview of Google’s customized keyword and budget ideas for your campaign. That will likely make a bunch of you feel quite uneasy.

If you’re included in the beta, be prepared for a change. For example, you won’t see a tab for AdWords tool. The existing AdWords tools aren’t gone, but they’ll be in a different place. You’ll have to click on the Opportunities Tab and then scroll down the sidebar. Lists of campaigns will also be on the sidebar on the left.

What do you think of the Opportunities Tab? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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