Court Dismisses Lawsuit By Woman Unhappy with Yahoo! Search Results

This past February, a woman who was none too pleased with the search results for her name sued Yahoo! Beverly Stayart argued that the results were a false endorsement under the Lanham Act.

The court has now dismissed her lawsuit, but since part of the dismissal was on procedural grounds, Stayart will be allowed to refile her suit.

Stayart would have been better off learning a little SEO instead of spending all of this time on a lawsuit. With an unpopular, unfamiliar name, it’s not that hard to rank and dominate results for your name.

Her task is now more difficult as a result of the suit. My post covering this story from February now ranks in the top 10, as do other sites covering the news. The good news is that the top 10 search results don’t contain those pesky adult and porn sites Stayart was seeing before. That was, after all, Stayart’s goal wasn’t it? No, probably not. A few sites list Stayart as a legal professional and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she’s after some moolah here.

But a word of advice for Ms. Stayart – start optimizing for Bing now. Because if/when/should the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal go through, you’ll be seeing some different results on Yahoo! Consider yourself warned.

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