Trade Show Exhibtors at SES San Jose 2009 Have Good Stories to Tell

A month has passed since SES San Jose 2009 — and you might think that all the good stories to tell have already been told.

But most of the press and blog coverage focused on the conference side of the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo. And the trade show exhibitors also had a lot of news to share over on the Expo side of the event.

Exhibitor at SES San Jose 2009.jpg Now, instead of uploading all the videos from SES San Jose to YouTube in the same week, we’ve learned that it’s better to upload a few each week to SESConferenceExpo’s Channel on YouTube. This enables viewers to digest the major stories at a reasonable rate, while also giving them a reason to subscribe to the YouTube channel to get ongoing updates more than five times a year.

Among the trade show exhibitors with good stories to tell was Jennifer Whaley of Century Interactive. John Mulligan of SEO-PR interviewed her on the exhibitor floor at SES San Jose 2009.

Century Interactive links website sessions to phone calls and tracks those phone calls, chats and clicks that result from print and web campaigns. Whaley described the types of clients that Century Interactive caters and, in particular, those clients who don’t sufficiently understand clickthroughs and bounce-rates but understand phone calls and helps them understand what key influences are driving their business such as keyword terms, referring websites, etc.

Whaley went on to describe the analytics that Century Interactive uses when servicing their clients; this includes a java script loaded on a website which captures each website session. To learn more about Century Interactive’s innovative Web technology, watch the video interview below.

Jennifer Whaley, Century Interactive, on driving phone calls to your website at SES San Jose 2009

Another trade show exhibitor with a good story to tell was Steve Wiideman, owner of Local Splash. We gave him a mic at SES San Jose 2009 and asked him to talk about SEO Expert and Local Splash.

He discussed his local search engine marketing solution for businesses that are regional or local. Local Splash has a proprietary application that helps businesses get higher ranking in the map section of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Local Splash also helps businesses by verifying their information, lock down the account and optimize it so it gets better ranking.

For example, by syndicating a client’s business information across the Web to business directories and search sites, Local Splash in turns adds new destinations to their list such as superpages and over time, ranking improves. Local Splash also looks at categories for all of your competitors to understand the best possible sequence of categories that a business can be placed in.

Steve Wiideman on Local Splash, search engine marketing solution at SES San Jose 2009

Another trade show exhibitor with a good story to tell was Tim Musgrove of Digger. We also gave him the mic at SES San Jose 2009 to tell it.

Musgrove discussed the free trial accounts that Digger gave away at the conference. He also talked about Digger’s auto-generated topic pages which auto-creates landing pages for content-rich websites.

Tim Musgrove, Digger, at SES San Jose 2009 on semantic technology and free trial software

Wendy Roe of Pixelsilk also talked about exhibiting for the first time at SES San Jose 2009. She discussed the company’s content management system.

Pixelsilk debuted Bruce Clay’s SEO toolset inside the company’s Search Advice so you can get advice and recommendations for your SEO next to the content editor.

Wendy Roe, Pixelsilk, on exhibiting for the first time at SES San Jose 2009

And last but not least, Mulligan interviewed Frank Rocco of Adfare Video Solutions in front of the exhibitor’s booth at SES San Jose 2009.

Adfare produces video ads in a short time frame and deliver them in less than $150 per video. Adfare can produce cheap video ads because it can take existing content, anything the customer or advertiser has online, and download those images or footage and build a script and produce a high powered, effective video within 48 hours.

Adfare works across a variety of platforms, including mobile. In the interview below, Rocco discussed one example of local video being used in a mobile platform.

Frank Rocco, Adfare Video Solutions discusses cheap video advertising at SES San Jose 2009

There are more good stories to tell — but I save those for another day. Hey, it’s a long time between now and SES Chicago 2009. So, come back again for an update.

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