Google Commands Attention Span in Internet Use Minutes for Brazil, India

Think Google dominates in the US? Well, according to new comScore data, internet users in Brazil and India are even more Googley-eyed. In those countries, almost 30% of total time spent online is spent with Google.

The United States doesn’t even crack the top ten when it comes to minutes spent on Google. The global average is 9.4%.


Alex Banks, managing director of comScore Latin America offered up his thoughts on why it’s Brazil and India that are so Google-icious.

As it turns out, there are interesting similarities between Brazil and India as emerging Internet markets. Google’s prevalence in these markets can perhaps best be explained by the fact that the time at which these markets really began to develop and flourish was around the same time that Google was becoming a major player in the search landscape. As a result, Google became the dominant Internet brand in these markets and its success appears to have bled from search into other areas of the web like social networking.

By the way, these minutes include, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa – all of Google’s sites.


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