Aliens Are Using Google’s Crop Circle Logo To Invade Our Computers

Yesterday Google did another of their clever logo mysteries, the crop circle one seen below. But while I was tying it to the latitude and longitude they used in Twitter my computer was nearly hijacked.



The interesting part of the search was the warning on the first listing which pushes you down to make another choice, yet the one I did pick that used good title tags and descriptions to rope me in was just as bad – causing a close Firefox to escape the trap scenario for me.


Hey guys if you are going to have fun with your users and test their smarts etc. how about protecting us!

I for one am no longer going to play this game. I will leave to others that have the time to clean their PCs or have some ultra malware protector installed. Funny but that was what the spammer was pushing.

Below is an aerial pic of those coordinates:


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