Baidu Launches Wireless Search Service in Beta in Japan

Chinese search engine Baidu has launched a wireless search service in Japan. The beta search service will build upon including image and video search as well as special features developed specifically for the Japanese audience.

Wireless internet is widely used in Japan. Over 80% of Japanese Internet users log on wirelessly. 3G adoption has reached over 100 million, more than 90% of Japan’s population.

“We are very excited to launch wireless search in Japan, where we believe there is huge demand for a high quality wireless search service,” said Xuyang Ren, Baidu’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “With the launch of this beta wireless search service we hope to give users in Japan a convenient tool for finding the information they need. We look forward to developing this service further and tuning it to user preferences over the coming months.”

Baidu entered the Japanese search market in January 2008. Baidu already has partnership with wireless carriers in Japan to be the official search provider for various handsets.

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