Click Forensics Adds Real-Time Capabilities to Audience Quality Measurement Platform

Click Forensics is enhancing their audience quality measurement platform with real-time capabilities. Now, online publishers and ad networks can identify good and bad advertising traffic in real-time.

“In its simplest form, our real-time audience quality tracking capabilities make it possible for publishers and ad networks to immediately block bad site visitors from seeing ads, and show the right ads to the real buyers,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics. “This instantaneous audience quality determination is an important step in transforming the results that search, display and social ad providers deliver to their clients.”

The new capabilities were built with a RESTful web service API that integrates into existing high-volume ad network infrastructures. As a result, it takes less than 10 milliseconds for Click Forensics’ platform can score requests and process requests. This means traffic quality can be determined before an advertiser is charged for a click.

All of this is also the basis for a new real-time scoring engine in development at Click Forensics. The scoring engine will help advertisers and publishers making decisions about ad-serving based on traffic quality.

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