Niche Search News: New Site for Car Search Space, iPhone App Search Sites Partner Up

Here’s a little vertical search news for your Friday afternoon. A new vehicle search site has entered the field. It features the typical car search filters: make, model, new, and used. Advanced search options include gas mileage, number of doors, price range, and color.

“We know that eight out of ten car buyers typically shop online for a vehicle before visiting a dealership,” said Nicole Case, general manager of “We built from the ground up to optimize the search features on the site and to help consumers locate the car that best fits with what they want to buy. As a result, can make the experience of locating a car simpler, easier, and more effective.”

Meanwhile, searching iPhone apps is a bigger pain than a flu shot, but sites about the ever-popular mobile apps keep trying to find ways to make it easier. The latest is , an iPhone app review site. They’re now using AppStoreHQ’s app search technology.

“It’s impossible for any iPhone website to review every available app. Believe me, we’ve tried,” said Barbara Holbrook, managing editor of “This database is a great way to help our readers find apps that we haven’t been able to review yet.”

What do you think of these vertical search efforts? Comment below.

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