LexisNexis Integrates Semantic Search Technology into Patent Research

LexisNexis is introducing semantic search technology into its intellectual property research products. The technology was developed by Pure Discovery, based out of Dallas, TX.

“With semantic search technology we have changed the very nature of online patent research by providing users with an additional means of researching patent and non-patent prior art,” said Peter Vanderheyden, LexisNexis vice president of Global Intellectual Property.

LexisNexis says the semantic search technology will feature the following:

  • Transparency: The semantic tech will “enhance” each query and then shown to the user for complete understanding.
  • Increased control: Users have the ability to add, delete, increase or decrease the importance of all query words in a visual query interface called a “querycloud.”
  • Fully federated: The semantic search platform can associate semantic searches to virtually any index, whether it resides internally or on the web.
  • Scalability: The LexisNexis index includes semantic intelligence from over 10 million patent documents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s patent index.

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