Comcast, Black Arrow Join To Test Dynamic Ad Insertion in VoD

Comcast and Black Arrow have combined to start testing dynamic ad insertion into Video on Demand, it was announced today. This test of new technology from Black Arrow will help improve the sale of ads for VoD content, as well as give the opportunity to better pair the advertising with the content and audience, Cable Digital News reported.

“BlackArrow’s Advanced Advertising System gives programmers and cable operators a real-time, multiplatform campaign management and decision system for offering more timely and relevant ads in their On Demand sessions,” the Black Arrow site explained.

Previous ad insertions had been static, where the ads had to be placed into the content before hand, the new technology allows the ads to be inserted on the fly.

“BlackArrow’s system acts as a decision engine that communicates with the underlying VoD system to insert the appropriate advert into the video stream based on predetermined rules. Meanwhile, a complementary Web-based element from BlackArrow distributes and sells the ad space based on available inventory,” Contentinople explains.

This new technology will help improve the appropriateness of advertising and thus help conversion and attention to the ads. It will also help bring this type of advertising up to the level of existing online advertising such as search and banner ads.

“Comcast has led the industry in creating new opportunities to reach consumers in the on-demand marketplace, and we’re excited to be working with them,” said Dean Denhart, chief executive officer, BlackArrow. “By combining BlackArrow’s expertise in advanced VOD advertising platforms with Comcast’s VOD leadership, we hope to expand the business model significantly for on-demand advertising.”

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