Great news for Search Engine Watch, Clickz and Search Engine Strategies.

When I joined Incisive Media as VP, Global Content Director for Search Engine Watch, ClickZ and Search Engine Strategies in August of this year, it was amid some unfounded speculation about the financial health of the company.

It’s so true that, nothing travels faster than rumors of doom and gloom. So-and-so is going bust, x is getting sued, y is getting fired and so it goes. So it was refreshing for me when I joined Incisive Media that, senior management confidentially advised me of exactly how the restructuring of the company would proceed.They were totally up-front and dispelled any and all rumors.

Today, Group CEO Tim Weller announced the appointment of Helen Alexander as non executive chairman. Helen has the most fabulous resume ever. Her business career has seen her rise through the ranks of publishers Faber and Faber, The Economist Group where she increased the company’s operating profit by 75 percent and culminated in her being awarded the CBE for services to publishing in 2008. This year she became president of the CBI, an organization highly regarded as the voice of business in the UK.

From the official press release she emphasized how keen she was to develop digital products and services: “I have followed Incisive Media’s development with interest. I am excited to have this opportunity to work with Tim, the management team and shareholders and hope to contribute positively to the stewardship and growth of the business, particularly in the development of digital products and services. Incisive Media is in prime position to take advantage of the difficult market conditions and accelerate its growth given its leading market position.”

CEO Tim Weller has also successfully maneuvered Incisive Media through extensive negotiations and successfully completed the refinancing of the company. This is a hugely positive step forward and a true sign of confidence in the people, the brands and belief in the future prospects and value of Incisive Media.

Personally, I have been given one hundred percent support and approval to go ahead and make the changes I feel will help power Search Engine Watch, ClickZ and Search Engine Strategies through 2010 and into a brand new era of search and digital marketing. I committed to a long term contract and feel that I couldn’t have joined the company at a better time.

A number of friends and colleagues in the industry have noticed that, since I joined Incisive, I seem to have pretty much gone underground. And it’s true, I did. But only because there are so many new and exciting changes coming around I’ve been totally absorbed in planning. I’ve been jetting around meeting people and setting up new collaborations and ventures for the future.

Leading up to SES, Chicago and into 2010 I’ll make a series of announcements about changes at Search Engine Watch, ClickZ and Search Engine Strategies. And yes, I will resurface with a new ClickZ column and a regular presence at Search Engine Watch.

So, for the huge number of readers, members and supporters in the SEW/ClickZ/SES community, you can be assured that the future is absolutely certain and very bright.

Naysayers feel free to stick that in your rumor-monger pipes and smoke it.

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