Go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for “Six Booths Astounding”

During the past five weeks, I’ve provided five great reasons for going to either Search Engine Strategies Berlin or SES Chicago 2009. For those who want to join in the chorus, they are “five brand new things, four keynote themes, three key trends, two early birds, and a ranking in the top three.”

This week, I’ll share a sixth compelling reason — and it isn’t “six geese a-laying.”

You should plan to attend SES Berlin or Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 to discover “six booths astounding.”

I know, I know, most of us attend SES events to learn as much as we can in the conference sessions. Hey, I spend more than 80% of my time there, too.

Expo hall at SES San Jose 2009.jpg But, I always make room in my schedule to walk the trade-show floor at SES events — because I always discover half a dozen booths from companies that have astounding new products or services.

Now, it’s hard to predict which six booths will astound you at Search Engine Strategies Berlin or SES Chicago 2009. But I do recommend that you make time to check out the expo hall.

And I can share with you half a dozen exhibitors that astounded John Mulligan, my colleague at SEO-PR, as he walked the trade show floor for SESConferenceExpo’s Channel at Search Engine Strategies San Jose back in August.

If past is prologue, then you’ll find that it’s well worth your time to visit the booths in the exhibit hall, too.

Ryan Hupfer, HubPages, and Ren Chin, YieldBuild on exhibiting at SES San Jose 2009

Ryan Hupfer, Communicator of Awesomeness!, and Ren Chin, VP of Marketing, YieldBuild discussed exhibiting at SES San Jose 2009 with Mulligan. YieldBuild is an online ad optimization company which helps web publishers make more money from their online ads. This is done by formatting optimization, help publishers figure out best placements for their ads for their website and which networks perform best in which ad spot. YieldBuild supports different networks including Google AdSense, Microsoft PubCenter and Ad.com.

Steve Wiideman on Local Splash, search engine marketing solution at SES San Jose 2009

Steve Wiideman, owner of SEO Expert TV spoke at SES San Jose 2009 about Local Splash, a local search engine marketing solution for businesses that are regional or local. Local Splash has a proprietary application that helps businesses get higher ranking in the map sections of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Local Splash helps businesses by verifying their information, lock down the account and optimize it so it gets better ranking. Local Splash also looks at categories for all of your competitors to understand the best possible sequence of categories that a business can be placed in.

Jennifer Whaley, Century Interactive, on driving phone calls to your website at SES San Jose 2009

Mulligan also interviewed Jennifer Whaley of Century Interactive on the exhibitor floor at SES San Jose 2009. Century Interactive links website sessions to phone calls and tracks those phone calls, chats and clicks that result from print and web campaigns. Jennifer described the types of clients that Century Interactive caters and, in particular, those clients who don’t sufficiently understand clickthroughs and bounce-rates but understand phone calls and helps them understand what key influences are driving their business such as keyword terms, referring websites, etc.

Paul Pellman, ClickForensics, on exhibiting at SES San Jose 2009

Paul Pellman, the CEO of ClickForensics, discussed the company’s product at SES San Jose 2009 with Mulligan. Pellman talked about many of ClickForensics new initiatives, including their new interface for their publisher and ad network clients which allows their customers to drill down and monitor their existing source of traffic and quickly screen approve new sources of traffic and identify the quality of that traffic. Pellman said clients are seeing an immediate impact on the quality of traffic they deliver to their advertisers and feed partners and to be able to negotiate better deals.

Frank Rocco, Adfare Video Solutions discusses cheap video advertising at SES San Jose 2009

Frank Rocco of Adfare Video Solutions discussed exhibiting at SES San Jose 2009 with Mulligan. Adfare produces video ads in a short time frame and deliver them in less than $150 per video. Adfare can produce cheap video ads because it can take existing content, anything the customer or advertiser has online, and download those images or footage and build a script and produce a high powered, effective video within 48 hours. Adfare works across a variety of platforms, including mobile.

Wendy Roe, Pixelsilk, on exhibiting for the first time at SES San Jose 2009

Last, but not least, was Wendy Roe of Pixelsilk, who discussed the company’s content management system. Pixelsilk debuted Bruce Clay’s SEO toolset inside the company’s Search Advice so you can get advice and recommendations for your SEO next to the content editor.

Next week, we’ll look at more reasons to go to either Search Engine Strategies Berlin or SES Chicago 2009. In the meantime, keep singing “six booths astounding, five brand new things, four keynote themes, three key trends, two early birds, and a ranking in the top three.”

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