Google Analytics Unveils a Slew of Updates: New Intelligence Engine, Goals, Alerts, Mobile Reports, Etc.

Last year at eMetrics, Google Analytics announced a ton of features and this year they’re at it again. Today at the annual conference held in the nation’s capital, a slew of updates to the robust analytics tool were announced. Here they are:

Advanced Intelligence and Custom Alerts

Google is developing a new intelligence engine. As part of the initial release, Google will serve up the most significant changes in a site’s metrics when you view its profile in Analytics.

Here’s a sample screenshot supplied to us by Google:


When something unusual happens in your analytics, Google will send you an email alerting you to the change. One example of an alert is when traffic spikes by a large percentage. You can set your own parameters for when you get an alert and there are also automatic alerts.

Here’s a video explaining Analytics Intelligence and Custom Alerts:

Two New Goals

You can now set goals for engagement and branding. You can set thresholds for Time on Site and Pages Per Visit. Alos, you can now set up to 4 goals for 5 sets each – up to 20 per profile. For more info, check this video:

Expanded Mobile Reports

Google Analytics now tracks mobile applications developed for iPhone and Android. Developers for both platforms will be able to see which actions are taken and which features are used within an app. Android developers get a richer feature set, which includes advertising engagement.

Mobile websites are also getting better tracking. Previously, Google Analytics only tracked traffic from devices that ran Javascript. In the next few weeks, Google will provide code snippets for sites built on PHP, Perl, JSP or ASPX.

Multiple Custom Variables

The Google Analytics tracking API will offer developers the ability to define and track visitors according to visitor attributes, session attributes, and by page-level attributes.

Advanced Filters and Table Analysis Features

These new features help you manage vast amount of data, great for larger sites. If you’re looking at large lists of keywords, for example, you can break it down by multiple filters and factors. Take a look at these two videos to learn more:

As with last year’s batch of updates, this year’s updates will all roll out at various times. Of course, experienced search marketers check their analytics regularly, so you’ll know when you get one of the new feature sets. In the meantime, give us your first impressions of these new features by leaving a comment below.

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