Yahoo Starting Human Curated News and Editorial Content

Yahoo announced it will be starting a news site with stories found, edited and written by in house staff and guest writers, headed by Andrew Golis – formerly of

Golis said on his personal blog: “I’ve accepted an amazing offer from Yahoo to build, staff and run a new news blog. It will be a combination of curation and original reporting, with gregarious linking and sharp, smart writing. In other words, for the folks who read this site for meta journalism news,”

The approach is similar to the Huffington Post which should create some good competition.

Golis did make an update to inform people that this would be part of the existing news. He said, “use of the word “site” instead of “blog” made some folks think this would be a new, independent website for Yahoo. Thankfully, it won’t be, and will live at Yahoo News and benefit from the enormous audience and resources they’ve already built up.”

We will be watching for these changes with anticipation.

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