Google Labs Rolling Out Social Search Experiment

At Wednesday’s Web 2.0 Summit Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of search products and user experience. announced the company will be launching a social search experiment in the coming weeks, Information Week reported.

The experiment will be done through Google Labs and will need a Google account and a Google Profile to work. Information from a person’s various social media will be included in the results given for searches. They will appear at the bottom of the search page, Cnet reported.

This way if anyone in any of your networks has commented about your search query you will get their comments added to the results. Interesting idea – this really could improve the trust levels for search results if a friend is giving a recommendation to what you are looking for.

“Mayer demonstrated how a search for “New Zealand” produced a list of search results that included relevant content created by friends midway-down the search results page. Among the search results were links to a Gmail message that referenced New Zealand and a FriendFeed entry, each from a different friend,” Information Week noted.

The interaction between various social media will prove interesting and could be a clever play to grab the momentum this area is getting right now.

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