MySpace Has Musical Aspirations, Too

On Wednesday, word broke that Google and Facebook have plans to integrate music into their search and social network respectively. Late on Wednesday came word that MySpace is also pursuing new music offerings.

This is a natural progression for MySpace, which, before it became huge, was a hub for indie musicians. Their social network boom came and went, and left in the wake, the music community remains, now with major label artists also making use of the versatile profile pages.

Over the summer, MySpace acquired, a social network all about music. iLike will be the basis for the increased integration of music into MySpace’s search results and new music video hub. iLike will also be part of Google’s music search offering.

Additionally, iTunes music will now be available through MySpace. Amazon mp3s are already available on the social network.

Bands and artists are getting a dashboard that give them analytics about how people interact with their profile pages.

It will be interesting to see if this focus on music returns MySpace to a more profitable direction. It’s probably safe to say that unless MySpace comes up with something truly innovative, they’ve lost the general social networking race to Facebook and now Twitter. Will going niche with music save MySpace? Only time will tell.

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