Twitter Begins to Roll Out Lists

If you normally use a third-party client to access and update your Twitter feed, you have a reason to go to in the next few days: LISTS! At the beginning of the month, Twitter announced that it was testing Lists and now it looks like they’re beginning to roll out the beta to users. This is what I happily saw when I visited today:


Let’s walk through the steps of making and viewing lists. I decided to make a list of funny people.

Create a new list by clicking the button in the announcement – or in the new Lists section under the search box on the sidebar:


A box will pop up. Name your list and decide whether you want it to be public or private.


To add people to a list, you search for them – or go directly to their Twitter page, click on the List icon and select the list you wish to add them to:


Once you have your list going, you can view the list by clicking the link to the list in the List of Lists under the search sidebar (see pic above). Still with me?

When you do, you’ll see a stream of Tweets posted by Tweeple on the list.


If you want to get a list of Tweeple on the List, look for the “following link” at the top of the stream:


Here’s the Tweeple so far in my Funny People List:


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