Google Tests Mortgage Comparison Ads, Updates Real Estate Search in Maps

Google is vamping up its real estate search offerings with two new announcements. First up, AdWords is testing comparison ads in the mortgage/refinance vertical. The idea behind comparison ads is to help searchers filter what they’re really searching for when they type in something like “mortgage.” Check out this screen shot of a comparison ad, per the Inside AdWords blog (click for a larger view):


When you click the ad, you get taken to a chart that lists various rates and lenders.


The second real estate announcement is for Google Maps. There are new ways to help searchers find real estate using the mapping service.

The first one involves the “More” menu that’s directly on the map (not the one in the sidebar results). When you click on that, you’ll see a real estate option. The second one is the ability to search rentals.

What do you think of Google’s pursuit of real estate? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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