Looking ahead to SES, Chicago.

I’ve been working on a lot of stuff for SES shows next year. And in between, adding a little this-and-that to SES, Chicago. These shows are planned months and months ahead, so a lot of stuff was already in place. But there are a few new sessions I was keen to squeeze in.

In fact, I had an idea to ask a lot of the session moderators if they would like to contribute to a new channel I set up over at ClickZ called “Conference Call.” Basically it’s an opportunity for them to give a little more insight to their sessions. And of course, it helps attendees to mark up specific sessions before they get there.

I kicked the thing off myself with a column about some real-time and social search elements I’ve introduced. This really is taking a look at the future of search and talks a lot about the move toward real time ranking and a shift from searching to “suggested discovery.”

There’s a link to a very interesting news report from the BBC on YouTube which I highly recommend you take a peek at. It really does help to explain some of the very cool things that are happening in social search right now.

Keep an eye open for some guest blog posts and guest columns at ClickZ running up to the show.

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